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Tag: Gardener loge

Gardener Gathering, it’s ceremony, rituals and symbols

My research into what a future Gardener Gathering might look like led to the following suggestions. It is important to open and close a GG in a proper way. The opening ceremony makes clear why we come together and the closing summarizes the achievements of our togetherness. Gardener gatherings have a clear and formal structure. The dialog form is partly taken over from the Freemasonry. Unlike their building symbolism Gardener rituals and symbols represent the work and tools in relation with nature. Ecological awareness cultivates the garden inside and outside ourselves.

My intention is not to breathe new life into Freemasonry, but to create an ecology minded movement. In this time of unrest from life-threatening conditions of virus infection, wars and climate, the advent of binding ceremonial gatherings, in and with nature, is of great importance. But how do you express that? The means for this are described in two publications that can be downloaded below. The first paper shows the structure of a Gardener-gathering. The second paper presents the opening and closing ritual. Every group decides what substance it will give between the opening and closing. We are nature, need nature and worship nature in a contemporary 21e century manner. Be part of a New Era.

The link below contains an example of a Gardener ceremony in Dutch. An English version is in the making.