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Windowsill non-stop solar machines. Energy is stored in a supercap.

How to make non-stop running solar devices?

My experiments cover ultra-low power pulse motors or pendulums, on solar energy with supercap buffer. They are made to fit on the windowsill.
Sometimes weeks of cloudy sky must be bridged. Daylight supplies enough energy from the small solar panel. A supercap has to buffer the ‘dark times’. Also energy harvesting is subject of my research. See the atmospheric energy page.

From november 2022 on I started making and measuring earth- or soil batteries. To my surprise the non-stop machines were running straight away. I made a 4 and a 5 celll battery of which the 5 cell has been running for a month now. By adding a cup urine to the soil the capacity has been tripled.

4 cell soilurine battery feeds ultra-low power motor