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Energy Harvesting

This is a known way to harvest 24/7/365 energy from an antenna or in my case from the steelbase of a table. I wanted to check the amount of energy I can possible harvest between the table at the first floor and the ground pin outside. With 4 parts I made an circuit that charges in a day and a half a 10.000 microfarad electrolytic condensor to 7 Volt. Strange enough I could not measure any charge current with my multimeter, not one microAmp. Maybe I tap, beside electromagnetic energy, also ZPE, radiant and atmospheric energy; who knows? The speed of charging surprises me. See image below:

Test set-up to check the charging of the capacitor.

The energy harvest circuit has now a 3 farad capacitor. It charges slow but constant. The TPL5111 module uses ultra low current about 600nA. The voltage range is from 1.8V to 5Volt It has a potmeter for a timer setting till 2 hours. This circuit runs at 2.5V and has a 100 milisecond LED blink every minute. The circuit uses the same amount of energy than it can harvest. With this ultra low power device you can use E-smog at a very small scale. See image below

This is the energy harvester with the TLP5111 pulse-generator blinking every minute.

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