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Categorie: DIY Projects

Driven by curiosity I want to create minimalist projects with simple materials and clear constructions. My goal is to make ultra low power, solar powered pendulums or motors that last a lifetime..

Nanopower pulsemotor

Rotor with 5 magnets spins on a very sharp needle.

This ultra low power pulse motor has many features:

  • 3 Nano power smd ic’s drive the compleet project
  • Hall sensor detects the position of the magnet
  • Comperator ic is also pulse shaper and coil driver
  • Ultra low current consumption of 15uA average
  • Solar panel and SuperCap provide the power supply
  • Simple design keeps this motor continuously spinning
Complete diagram nano power pulse motor
Video shows more details about the construction and operation

Double spin pendulum

This pendulum makes a rare double spin movement

Last month I made a Pendulum with the following features:

  • 25 centimeter high suspension point.
  • Very low friction suspension point with magnet
  • Needle with weight touches glasplate
  • Magnet is hanging in horizontal direction
  • Ultra low power consumption, 20uA.
  • Pulse coil is also magnet sensor.
  • Solar panel and SuperCap energy supply
  • Simple construction and electronics
Electronic circuit and construction details
This video shows more details of the construction and operation